BHAVMARK SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is one of the leading solution providers for marking and coding requirements in the Indian Market. We are the distributors of HITACHI, Japan and REA, Germany in India

Thermal Inkjet Printer

REA JET HR – High Resolution Inkjet


Printers – HP-Printing Technology

The REA JET HR is the most innovative high resolution coding and marking system available for industrial use. It utilizes the Thermal Inkjet Technology that is trusted by millions of users.


  • Unlimited industrial capability
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • IP65 protection class
  • Well-thought-out print head design
  • An intuitive operating logic
  • Maintenance-free – product coding and marking for your production.

For an innovative coding and marking solution for use in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, wood, paper, packaging, or intellectual property protection industries, or as an OEM in the mechanical- and plant-engineering fields – Rea Jet HR is the right choice for you.

The HR system is available as listed below:

  • REA JET HR (with 2 print heads, up to 25,4mm print height)
  • REA JET HR pro (4 print heads, up to 50,8mm print height, high performance)

The REA JET HR system consists of 3 components and is extendable by means of accessories

The Controller

The controller is the core component of the REA JET HR system. The high-quality, sturdy stainless-steel housing satisfies the protection requirements of Class IP65. The following functions are provided:

  • Wide-range power supply
  • Communication interfaces: USB, RS232, Ethernet
  • Availability of various control functions through digital inputs and outputs
  • Information about the ink type used
  • Display of ink level, which is stored on the cartridge chip

The Print Head

The intelligent print head with brains.

This intelligently designed print head, along with the cartridge capability, offers decisive advantages:

  • Compact design, only 176mm in length
  • Supports the printing of extra-flat products from 16mm in height
  • Simple and Convenient Cascading of multiple print heads
  • Reliable cartridge change procedure through electronically monitored locking lever (automatic shutdown of power supply)
  • Integrated product sensor for the trigger signal with additional lint monitoring
  • Well-engineered assembly options for a diverse range of installation and printing positions
  • Can be combined with a robust Parallelogramfor a consistent print gap from the product
  • Reading and logging of cartridge data (ink fill-level and print parameters)

The Cartridge

REA JET offers a diverse range of inks in HP-TIJ 2.5 cartridges for the HR system with the following advantages:

  • A microchip is included with each cartridge
  • The chip offers a range of important advantages for day-to-day requirements.
  • It controls the ink-specific parameters and the current fill-level
  • It provides a high level of operating reliability and ensures consistently high print quality.
  • When cartridges are replaced (e.g. in case of a change of production location), the most recent ink fill-level is saved and is automatically read when used next. Information is provided on the remaining print capacity, which allows you to avoid wasting ink

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